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Why go Carbon Neutral?

It's not just for tree huggers.

Reducing the amount of greenhouse gases produced by humans is recognised by governments, industry and the community as an increasingly important issue. According to the Australian Greenhouse Office, private car use makes up 34% of all Australian household greenhouse gas emissions, making it the worse contributer of CO2 emissions in our daily lives.

Household greenhouse emissions

Climate change is caused by an increase in greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere. Gases can be naturally-occurring or manufactured, with carbon dioxide (CO2) a major contributing gas to global warming. Trees use up carbon dioxide as they grow, converting it to wood, leaves, roots and bark. In fact, about half of the dry weight of a tree is carbon.

As a result trees provide long-term stable storehouses of carbon that would otherwise contribute to the surplus of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

A kilogram of carbon dioxide will fill a large family fridge. A tonne of carbon dioxide will fill a family home.

Why we should care

As our understanding of the climate system improves, so does our ability to anticipate likely climatic changes due to increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Likely changes include:

  • An increase in average annual temperature of 1-6C by 2070 over most of Australia.
  • An increase in the average number of extreme hot days, and decrease in the average number of extreme cold days.
  • A decrease in annual average rainfall in Australia's south-west, south-east and in Queensland.
  • An overall drying trend for Australia due to increased temperatures, evaporation and changes in rainfall.
  • An increase in maximum wind speed of tropical cyclones of 5-10% in some parts of the globe by 2100 at an increase in precipitation rates by 20% to 30%.

Sourced from the Australian Greenhouse Office & Greening Australia.

We can all do our bit by reducing the number of journeys we make by car and by using more environmentally friendly methods of transport. Cycling to work or the shops is as good for the planet's health as it is for yours.

Unfortunately, for most of us there are always going to be times when we have to take the car - and that's why we're offering carbon neutral car insurance!

A question of balance

Making your car carbon neutral by offsetting the amount of CO2 your car produces annually* helps balance the impact your driving is having on the environment.

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